Sushi Fish 2021

Art & science has always played an important part within Dallas' work whether it’s science fiction or science fact. His sculptural work explores a diverse range of concepts and is made out of a variety of materials that include wood, foam, bronze and glass.

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Dallas says:

"Art, science, Sci-fi and the found object are the main influences that lend themselves to the work I make. I never intentionally use one material or another; it’s whatever’s at hand and what lends itself to the process or idea. During the first lockdown in March 2020, I was unable to go to my studio so during this period I made my art with the materials and found objects from my shed. Walking the river Avon, I found these small plastic fish and started collecting them. They are in themselves a paradox; a form that’s been on a journey prior to being found.  My aim was to show how an object can be transformed by time and also by casting them in bronze, in an historical context."