Never built (2020)

Daniel Solomons is an artist based in London. He studied Graphic Arts, Research and Artistic Production in Contemporary Art and MA in Sound Art. He is a member of the Royal Society of Sculptors and he has won several international Prizes and Awards. With a minimalist aesthetic his work generally consists of a spatial intervention and he uses a variety of media, materials and stimuli that shows multiple connections between art, architecture and literature.

Selected exhibitions include National Museum of Decorative Art Moscow, DSL Collection-ARF Moscow, Thames Side Gallery London, Unit1 Gallery London, Cervantes lnstitute London, UKJFF London, Art and Development Institute Madrid, IVAM Modem Art lnstitute Valencia, CAC Contemporary Art Centre Málaga, MACM Museum of Madrid, Nieves Femandez Gallery Madrid, GARBA Rome, as well as he participated in Art Chicago Contemporary Art Fair, Pulse Miami Alt Fair, ARCO-Madrid Art Fair, Urvanity Art Fair or Art Russia Fair. His work is in collections such us Unit1 Foundation London, Heinrich Ehrhardt Collection, Centre Sefarad-lsrael or lndra Foundation among others.

Daniel says:

"In this current scenario, an exceptional situation without precedent, unity and social cohesion are increasingly necessary to successfully overcome social fractures and political divisions. We must, therefore, be open to multiple possibilities of collaboration, communication and grouping of different sectors in all political, social, economic, health, environmental, etc. Alison and Peter Smithson, with the design proposal and subsequent architectural embodiment of Golden Lane Estate, raised the sense of "Unity" from the concept of Cluster, which was the main aid to social cohesion through ease of communication. Following an excerpt from the initial sketch of Golden Lane structure and dividing it into 4 different and independent blocks, I present the piece NEVER BUILT, which explores the concept of “unity” and proposes the idea of a community through a temporal choreography of objects."


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