Homage to cliff-scape (Hunstanton)

Richard Gant is an active international sculptor, who currently lives in N. Wales. He was Head of Liverpool School of Art and Design (2000-2010). He works with a wide range of traditional and contemporary materials and processes which are inspired by his use of working drawings and translations into materials and construction. Most works are in maquette form. His contextual post doctoral pubications highlight Art Placements and their roles and impacts to industry and education.


Richard says:

"This bronze was inspired by my current Hunstanton Cliff/Pier project, exhibited in my retrospective exhibition Counterpart (2017). The bronze is a miniature of one of the 5 cradles that supports envisaged 10 ton reconstituted recycled blocks made from the scree of the Hunstanton cliffs. The intended sculpture presents a contemporary interpretation of a Victorian seaside pier. 

The use of modelling the cradle using the lost wax process enabled a more fluid interpretation of structural support and mass. The result generated an icon which symbolically has both primitive and  contemporary socio-religious associations"


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