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Making Thoughts

With Nicholas Lees, part of London Craft Week 2021


Royal Society of Sculptors, 108 Old Brompton Road, London SW7 3RA

Nicholas Lees is an artist working primarily in ceramic and on paper. His current work originates in observing and considering phenomena of light, space and time.

Nicholas discusses the conceptual and physical development of his work, in which there is a vital relationship between making and thinking; idea, material and process. He takes an experimental and innovative approach to making with porcelain, combining wheel throwing and lathe turning. He also explores the colours achievable using soluble metal salts applied to porcelain in a process of saturation and evaporation that parallels his work with ink on paper.

In association with Cavaliero Finn.

Sculptural Weaving learning resource

Weaving is a craft that produces cloth by combining two sets of yarns at right angles. Many of the fabrics and cloths around you have been produced in this way. This resource shows you how to approach weaving in an experimental way to create a hanging or standing sculpture. You might want to focus on colour and texture as you develop your work. However there are also many possibilities for you to incorporate personal meanings, stories or memories in your sculpture through the collection of personal items such as photographs, text or hand painted strips of paper or cloth

Sculptural Weaving learning resource

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Portrait of Nicholas Lees in his studio